Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February 23 Flu Update--WHO says "imminent"

WHO says that pandemic is "imminent." He was speaking at the beginning of the flu conference in Vietnam.

Gerberding of CDC says coverage of yesterday's statements were "overblown" and that a pandemic is not imminent, US is prepared.

Reacting to earlier news about flies having flu in other Asian countries, Thailand acts to quell fear of flies.

Vietnam pledges cooperation.

Avian Flu called "endemic" by UN official.'

CDC says that rich world shirking bird flu duty.

The idea that got me interested in the first place--flu as a bioweapon. "See the Scourge You Know" in links at right.

Bird flu spreading in Southern Vietnam...Recombinomics on an uneven advance.

Recombinomics on expanding host range and presenting symptoms. Clinically, flu is difficult and getting worse.


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