Monday, February 21, 2005

February 21 Flu Update--Very information rich environment today.

Welcome to our many, many new visitors from whatREALLYhappened. Enjoy the news, though it may be a bit more mainstream than you like!

Really interesting Q&A in New Yorker on the bird flu...actual article not online.

Here, the CDC head has startling words on the bird flu, one of which is "ominous."

Fascinating Scientific American article on computer simlulations of flu transmission in major cities. This article captures what fascinates me about the flu. How it spreads and how we deal with it are the closest measure of how we live and relate as I can imagine. Example: if we were asked to donate our entire antiviral stock to Thailand with the hope it would stop the spread, but we knew if it didn't we would be defenseless, would we?

Nancy Cox of CDC on bird flu preperations. She notes a fine line between preparing people and scaring them.

Recombinomics is slaying dragons today, first on the fatality rate. Says it is convetional wisdom that real rate isn't in the 70% range, but says there is no evidence it isn't. Sobering thoughts on a very virulent virus.

Next, the human-human transmission myth. Recombinomics urges a distinction between transmission in casual contact, and transmission in caregiver situations, arguing that the second has clearly occurred, and, in fact, human-human has been achieved.

Effect Measure on the "Sword of Damocles analogy" used in Vietnam. Further info from Dr. Cox of CDC says that the virus has mutated for human tranmission, with Effect Measures says is a first.

Literary definition of "Sword of Damocles," meaning ever present peril.


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