Friday, March 11, 2005

March 11 Flu Update

Latest WHO flu update

WHO official says that no flu cases are due to human-human transmission

Flu data called into question

Thailand stockpiling antivirals, considering generics...

Finland stockpiling tamiflu as well...

Iowa State Health Lab preparing to join flu fight

Johns Hopkins newsletter on flu...basic, but note the comments section, where readers chide them for re-broadcasting WHO's human-human transmission assertion...they even cite recombinomics

Recombinomics disputes WHO assertion that the virus has mutated little and that vaccine standards are reliable.

Recombinomics writes that a case in a family cluster in Vietnam is a dual infection, and its implications. Strap your science hat on for this one...

Recombinomics notes a tendency toward females being infected on a secondary basis

ProMed summarizes the WHO news

CIDRAP on the current state of play.


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