Thursday, February 24, 2005

February 24--Flu Update--Hiatus here

This blog will be on hiatus until March 7 due to overseas travel.

UN says fighting bird flu in agriculture is vital

Canadians plan meeting on pandemic prep

Report says US Government has 2 million bird flu vaccines

Bang! Recomibomics shoots down any myth of effective anti viral stockpiling.

Medical advisor to the Swedish government says he and other doctors are hoarding antivirals to protect their families. This is the kind of social breakdown we can all anticipate in any worst-case scenario.

WHO official at Vietnam meeting says that comprehensive strategy is needed.

Recombinomics says Vietnam and Thailand flu tests generate false negatives, casting further doubt over the assessments of human to human transmission.

Recomibinomics says unexplained deaths in Sri Lanka could be the beginning of the pandemic.

Great post from Effect Measure which talks about bioterrorism and influenza, and what the CDC gets and doesn't get. Must read.

Pro Med scans the headlines


At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The actual news is False Negative Flu Test; that means real cases are getting missed by insensitive tests. Your headline flipped the polarity of the actual news. Otherwise good. Thanks

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Duh! Thanks, and thanks for reading.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger GoodDeed said...

Quantity of Tamiflu available. I don't agree with Dr. Niman's numbers. I believe he is underestimating availability by a factor of 10. Instead of availability for 100,000 in the USA, I believe the numbers are either 3/4 million, for those who are issued 60 (not Niman's 30) caps per health/safety professional, or 4 million, if each is issued an "if you get it, take this 10 cap regimine."

Why? Well, 4 months ago, I telephoned and spoke with the lady in charge of consumer relations at Roche USA, about the availability of tamiflu. The number that she called me back, after inquiring of Roche insiders, was 40 million "doses". That could have meant courses, but I read that as "capsules". From that, I estimated 4 million courses available in the USA. Recent postings repeat that same number, and add 2 million courses in US government hands.

Either way, this is an angels on the head of pin argument because whether it's 4 million or 200,000, both represent between 1.25 % and 00.80 % of the US population, as a single course of treatment with 10 caps of tamiflu. These are awfully low numbers.

This information in no way denigrates (sp?) Dr. Niman's observation... it's specious, and disingenuous to inform the population that the government is trustworthy to protect their societal medical health.

What is most concerning is that reckless self medication may open opportunities for the current, non deadly strains of flu viruses to mutate against exposure to tamiflu.
If that happens, then zero people have any defense to the potentially deadly versions of H5N1 attachments to a non deadly strain of flu virus.
That's most distressing.

Thx for the good work. Your site is by far the most comprehensive and trustworthy on the web.

At 5:31 AM, Blogger Nosey said...

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