Monday, November 05, 2007

November 5 Flu Update

CIDRAP on the recent death in Indonesia.

Revere is disappointed in a paper published by some med students on pandemic flu.

Montreal "truth telling" health series turns its focus onto a pandemic.

This time, its an Arkansas town that's using seasonal flu shots to see how quickly they can vaccinate people in a pandemic.


At 6:16 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Just a quick comment on the numerous articles you have posted about towns throughout the US and Canada, who are conducting “drive by” mass vaccination dispensing exercises to determine how many individuals can be inoculated in the shortest time possible.

I assume that these exercises are conducted by their local health departments in anticipation of a pandemic, otherwise there would be no reason to conduct them.

While these exercises sound nice in theory, and give the appearance of preparedness, my own personal viewpoint is that they are misrepresentative and not really of any major value at this time. I know this sounds treasonous and blasphemous, however the health departments promoting these exercises could make better use of their time and assets, by stocking up on critical PPE and medical supplies, planning triage centers, and planning emergency operations and mortuary support. After all, why conduct exercises on something (i.e, a matched vaccine) that will be unavailable until half the pandemic has most probably run its course ?

These kind of news reports lead me to believe that many local health departments simply are not planning closely enough with their government and city EOC’s, emergency response and law enforcement, hospitals, clinics, grocery and drug supply chains, nursing homes, school districts, churches, colleges and retail and financial establishments.

I could be wrong on all this, but these kind of news articles make me wonder whether they understand the real scenario that they could be up against, and how their response plan has to be a total integrated community strategy. Maybe these facets are already factored into their plans, but it’s not evident. Otherwise, they are wasting gas and supplying false hopes.

There is simply not going to be a vaccine available for anyone. Not for me, and not for you Orange, and not anyone reading this (except if you are in the military or a physician).



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