Monday, October 29, 2007

October 28 Flu Update

OK, remember when it was Tamiflu mania? New Zealanders pre-ordered large amounts of the drug in 2005. Today, they are leaving it unclaimed on Rx shelves.

Port Huron, MI, is gearing up for bird flu fight.


At 6:03 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Your two lone articles have compelled me to comment about dumb people.

I bumped into two very nice, highly educated people this weekend. One of them is a next door neighbor who is a doctor, who actually does medical research on MRSA at one of our local University related hospitals. He has four beautiful young daughters and a lovely wife. None of them are scheduled to get flu shots this year, and they didn’t get their shots last year either. How dumb is that ?

The other person I spoke to over the weekend, is my precious daughter in law, who is a dietician at a large hospital. She also a wonderfully smart lady, but has refused to get a flu shot the last five years, and it is doubtful she will get one this year either. She has never had the flu, so she is not worried, and that is her rationalization and justification.

The New Zealander’s are also not too smart for failing to pick up their Tamiflu prescriptions. They will need them in the oncoming months.

You see, these kind of people walking around in the world today is why the Federal Government is ready to enforce new laws that provide for experimental tests on individuals who are suspected of being ill, to determine whether they are actually sick enough to pose a risk to the rest of us – without their permission.

Now don’t get wrong here, people have every right to be as dumb as they want, after all, it’s a free country.

They just don’t know what a burden they will be on their family and society if and when an influenza pandemic emerges. These kind of people aren’t even prepared for a natural disaster or emergency of any kind, for that matter. A hangnail is about as far as they think.

The news coming out of Indonesian these days is concerning – the stepped up increase of more individuals, mainly children, who are becoming infected and dying from bird flu. - is become a weekly event now. For those of us who watch the Indo news closely and constantly, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, the number of cases are being vastly underreported and unreported, and misdiagnosed. Ms. Supari is being far from truthful.

Not that I consider myself a genius or overly smart person myself, I most certainly do not. However, I do have the common sense to be prepared for basic good-old-fashion “what if’s” and natural disasters. I don’t want to be a burden on society, and it is the responsible thing to do.

People like my neighbor and daughter in law, simply do not have good common sense, or a sense of responsibility, and that just drives me nuts sometimes.



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