Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 26 Flu Update

Commentary from China on the news that bird flu can pass to a fetus. Note strong denial on human transmissibility.

Part 2 of CIDRAP's pandemic vaccine series. Tidbit below (Dr. Fedson is quoted in our right sidebar):

The WHO analysis hides a number of highly optimistic assumptions, including zero glitches in production and 100% cooperation by regulators. But the greatest assumption may be that the newly produced pandemic vaccine would be distributed equitably to all comers around the globe. It is more likely that vaccine would never leave the countries where it is produced.

Seven hundred and fifty million "is fewer than the number of people that live in the nine countries that produce 85% of the world's supply of flu vaccine," said David Fedson, MD, a retired academic and vaccine-industry executive who has published critical analyses of pandemic-vaccine planning. "Which means that, if you live outside of a vaccine-producing country—whether that means Indonesia or Sweden or Spain—you get nothing" (see Bibliography: Fedson 2007: Author interview).

WHO says that more effective vaccines have, in effect, expanded vaccine capacity.

ProMed on the recent death in Indonesia.

CIDRAP on whether bird flu is lurking in Europe.

Azerbaijan says its bird flu monitoring is done.

They're doing some bird flu dialogues in Nigeria.

Professor in Ulster prepares for big address, noting that battle with infectious disease is far from over.

In Uganda, the government is taking action on bird flu.


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