Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13 Flu Udpate

Confirmed: H5N1 is back in poultry in England.

An Indonesian woman is reported to have bird flu symptoms.

After UK outbreak, Ireland introduces control measures.

CIDRAP on the UK outbreak.

BBC on the UK Outbreak.

Concern about whether the poultry industry could be effected during the highly profitable holidays.

China says it has sent bird flu strains to WHO.

Flight scare in Auckland reminds public that its consciousness on the bird flu has waned.

US Highway Safety agency releases guidelines for EMS during a pandemic.

US Sen Daniel Akaka urges US to act on pandemic flu, partly as an employer of 1.8 million people.

Rome, GA Rotary Club meeting hears bird flu talk.

The Times (UK) talks about a world race to get Tamiflu.

Revere on using Wal-Mart to educate on the bird flu and how it worked for one woman.


At 6:42 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I notice the 30 year-old woman in your first article is the wife of the hospital health care administrator who died a few days ago from bird flu. Somehow, the death of health care workers (and now their spouses are ill with suspected bird flu) just doesn’t ring well. I’ll lay everyone ten to one odds that the test report show the lady negative. She probably has enough Tamiflu stuffed in her to fill a large teddy bear, which will cause a false negative. And that’s how I’m calling this episode – much like the other suspected clusters - all smoke and mirrors.

When I looked the NHTSA pandemic influenza guideline document (first one), it was 168 pages long. I haven’t looked up the length of the second document referred to in the article (model protocols for 9-1-1 call centers and PSAP’s), but if it as long as the first document… well, I guess we have excellent doorstop material.

You have to question the functionality of any document that exceeds ten pages. One it passes one hundred pages the usefulness comes into question, and once it passes five hundred pages in length, it becomes virtually useless.

Regarding Revere’s article – too bad he doesn’t like Walmart – I read someplace where 90% of all American’s shop there. As a retailer, at least in my opinion, one can always find bargains there and you can almost return anything to exchange, even dirty used diapers. No doubt, Walmart, a hardware and a grocery store will be the top three places to be inundated first during a pandemic emergency, you won’t be able to even find a free parking space.

I must admit though, and this is just my opinion: pandemic planning at this time with neighbors is pretty much a futile and wasted effort. Very few people I talk to are worried about the possibility, it’s the last thing on their minds, and people view the expenditure of money for supplies to SIP at this time as a complete waste of money and time.

This is why the Walmarts across the USA will be clogged with panicky people at the last minute, all fist-fighting over cans of beans and frozen pizza’s.



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