Friday, November 09, 2007

November 9 Bird Flu Update

The UN says that there are likely to be a sharp increase in cases as cold weather hits the Northern Hemisphere.

Bird flu in Northern and Southern Vietnam.

CIDRAP on the spread of the disease in Vietnam.

I often don't do this, but I bring forward this from Wulfgang's comment. Recombinomics on what appears to be a suspect cluster in Riau. (Note, sooner or later one of these will be true.....but we've seen a few of these machine translations over time. Read and decide what you think).

Indonesia does confirm a death in Riau.

Excellent Revere column compares antivirals and vaccines to the Maginot Line, and reminds readers we need boots on the ground--real rebuilding of the public health system.

No bird flu in Iran.

Nigeria seems to think it has an avian vaccine.

Nigeria says it culled 1.3M birds.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Did you notice the specific language that is attributed to Dr. Nabarro in the text of your first article ? Nabarro said, “The pandemic, when it comes, will affect not just people’s health, but it will also affect economic and social systems”. Add this chilling statement to his other comment about “illnesses from animals are one of the greatest threats to the survival of the human race”, and his warning comes across as a pretty sobering message.

Revere hit a home run with his article on comparing the massive use of antivirals and vaccines to the Maginot Line (interestingly, I actually had relatives fighting on both sides of the fortifications, so that made for interesting discussions at family gatherings). Even though I will give Revere an A+ for his commentary, even he missed two important points: (a) antiviral’s may not be fully effective due to the rapid mutational ability of these strains, and will be nearly impossible to dispense them to the US population in time to be effective (48 hours); and (b) don’t even count on a matched pandemic vaccine until a minimum of twelve months into the mayhem.

What’s more, don’t count on the population being “primed” with a suitable vaccine in advance – if we can’t stop and idiotic war in Iraq and withdraw our troops, and if we can’t rebuild New Orleans, or provide for social health insurance for the general population – there is no way during our life time that the “go-ahead” would be given to inoculate the US population in advance of a suspected avian pandemic. We’d have a better chance of hitting the Mega Million lottery.

I won’t defame Ms Supari today, but everyone needs to know that this lady is no friend of the West. In translated texts, she is quoted as blaming Indonesia’s H5N1 deaths and mutations, on America. She also intimates that the viral problems are the result of western manipulation of the virus strains she provided. Her comments like this, which never make it beyond the local media, kind of proves that to me that she’s in a certain religious camp that plays to that sort of propaganda and world polarization.

Last comment for the day Orange – so Iran has no bird flu ? I’ll bet that little nutjob Iranian President Ahmadinejad also has peaceful intentions for nuclear energy.

Note that he still can’t quite figure out if there was a Holocaust or not, and especially he’s on record with a statement that “there are no homosexuals in Iran either”.

I’d be willing to bet that there are both bird flu and gays in Iran.



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