Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12 Flu Update

Bird flu back in England. H5 confirmed.

CIDRAP has this as well.

More reports of sick fowl in Vietnam.

CIDRAP on the weekend's Indonesian death.

The man was a hospital administrator at Permata Hati Hospital in Riau province's Duri district and was treated at the hospital before he was transferred, according to a Nov 8 report in the Jakarta Post that was published before the man's avian flu results were known. The article did not say if the hospital where the man worked had recently treated any H5N1 case-patients.

A North Carolina County is having a pandemic summit.

A bird flu scare held up air traffic in Auckland.

Guardian (UK) Q&A on pandemic prep.


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


One can only conclude from your news today that Great Britain is now in the same dilemma as Europe, China, Asia and Africa: it doesn’t appear as if GB is going to rid itself of continued H5 and H7 outbreaks in its poultry industry. It is also beginning to appear obvious that where ever there are free ranging flocks that can co-mingle with wild birdies, there are going to be continuous outbreaks of infections.

News reports are now indicating there are five million turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese within a six-mile radius of the current outbreak, on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk counties.. There are 25million fowl in the wider 'at risk' zone. So this outbreak there is not going to be cheap.

The Butterball hotline in England may be pretty quiet this Christmas, the way things are looking.

Regarding Indonesia’s latest death of the hospital administrator at Permata Hati Hospital in Riau province – would somebody please me how a pencil pusher who allegedly has no known direct connection with bird flu patients or infected poultry, gets an H5N1 infection and dies? Unless that is, there were multiple OTHER UNREPORTED CASES being treated in the hospital and he acquired it there is the most logical answer. Unless I am mistaken, and I well could be, his wife is now under observation and not feeling too perky. I suppose there could also be the remote possibility that the Administrator was in contact with infected relatives and/or neighbors, but then that would be a clear indicator and admission of limited human-to-human transmission, now wouldn’t it.

What is unusually suspicious is that we have seen similar peculiar reports before about health care workers (nurses) in Indonesia being infected with H5N1 and being treated, then the information was later denied.

It’s just not adding up any more. Eventually Ms Supari will get caught up in her deceptions, and the truth will unfold. There is generally a kernel of truth in rumors.

I believe the virus is now mutating faster than she has time to spin up the fictitious stories and excuses.



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