Monday, September 25, 2006

September 25 Flu Update

WHO has gone along with local authorities and confirmed the two recent cases in Indonesia.

University of Michigan study says that the world would be better off if we spent $$ developing cell culture vaccines rather than more plants for egg based production.

The Baylor College of Medicine says it has an additive (MF59) that reduces effective flu doses by one quarter.

Perry County (IN) is preparing to use state and local plans during a pandemic.

Panasonic announces it has an air filter that eliminates the bird flu virus. Now, if only you could take it on the bus with you.

Russian takes flu shot as part of what the nation calls a "successful" trial of its human flu vaccine.

Thailand is screening for herbs that will help fight the bird flu.

But a new development has been helping in the fight - Kasetsart University's "Chemiebase", an Internet database of herbal extracts which could be used in simulating tests on whether certain herbal substances were worth further trial.

Containing about 100,000 3D chemical structures of herbal substances, the new database allows scientists to find herbal medication to fight bird flu.

Australian researchers are going to do work in Asia.

The entire Tamiflu stockpile has been delivered to Britain.

Recombinomics claims there is a canine connection in a recent cluster in Indonesia.


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