Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14 Flu Update

There have been two more cases of flu recognized retrospectively in Indonesia, including one where person-person trasnsmission cannot be ruled out.

CIDRAP on the human-human aspects here.

The man reported no contact with diseased or dead poultry before he became ill.
Investigators determined that human-to-human transmission resulting from
exposure to his sister could not be ruled out.

Here's the WHO update on the two latest cases in Indonesia.

Revere says that the recent vaccine news out (the weakened virus with cross protection) is good news, as far as it goes. First, vaccines that work in mice often do not work in humans, and these are still egg-based vaccines, which limits production. Most of all, he says it is a shame we didn't start sooner.

New information from the Republic of Indonesia indicates that the country's vaccination and biosecurity issues mean that bird flu is there to stay.

Article says the secret to fighting the bird flu is to strengthen your immune system.

The City of London (Britain's Wall Street) is going to have a pandemic bird flu drill to see how it would react.

Romania says that it is prepared for the influx of migratory birds from Russia.

A homegrown vaccine for bird flu for poultry will be used in Vietnam next year.

When it comes to fighting bird flu, Vietnam is everyone's favorite son. Here, the nation receives praise from FAO.

The bird flu watch in Thailand is over in three specific provinces...restrictions are being eased.

Yale is planning for a bird flu outbreak.

Roche says it is ready to make 80M doses of Tamiflu.


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