Friday, September 08, 2006

September 7 Flu Update

Indonesia is reporting that two June death were, in fact, bird flu. Apparently, there were some testing snafus.

Vietnam, fearful of a bird flu comeback, is calling for a second round of bird vaccination. The article seems to imply that the virus has mutated enough that previous vaccines might no longer be effective.

The Lancet publishes the Chinese vaccine news. If have been skeptical of this, but could this be real?

CIDRAP provides a little analysis.

Stephenson cautions that whole-virion vaccines have been associated with febrile reactions in children and emphasizes that careful investigation is needed before such vaccines can be widely used.

It remains to be seen whether whole-virion vaccines can induce the broad cross-reactive response that would be needed to treat a variety of H5N1 viruses, Stephenson writes.

The Chinese vaccine hits the US mass media.

Officials in Kansas met at a bird flu summit.

A bird flu hotline is being set up in Azerbaijan.

Bird flu regulatons in Thailand are tough on small farmers. And their ducks.

To be a duck in a modern poultry farm, that conforms to bio-safety measures against bird flu, is to be condemned to a brief, joyless life bereft of sunshine or a pond to take a dip in.

Canadian surveillance has not turned up any wild bird with H5 to date. (If you buy the migratory bird theory, this would appear to indicate the date of the true onset is still sometime off).

Radio Free Europe tracks reductions in effective doses in vaccine programs.

The Barbados reminds everyone that smuggling is an open door to bird flu.

The Weekly Professor of the Poconos is tackling bird flu.

CIDRAP on the news from earlier about the study of other people in the village where the Cambodian died. As other studies have shown, mild cases of bird flu are rare. I have never seen any reason to think there are large numbers of mild, unreported cases.

ProMed on the same story, and including a reference to previous research I mentioned.

Effect Measure on the 13 WHO candidates. Read to find out why the US and China should avoid endorsing a candidate they like.


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