Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6 Flu Update

After successfully trying an Italian poultry vaccine, Vietnam will be vaccinating ducks against bird flu.

The Chinese continue to insist their bird flu vaccine is effective. Low dosage is getting huge press on this one.

ProMed on the continuing spread of bird flu in North Sumatra, in spite of culling.

Austria, Germany and Switzerland, are undertaking some initial cooperative efforts around Lake Constance. There will be wild bird surveillance.

Myanmar says it is bird flu free.

British paper offers ten things its readers should know about the bird flu.

The race for WHO Director-General is underway, and avian influenza has made the stakes higher than ever.

Effect Measure looks at the race--and looks dubiously at claims that the election of Margaret Chan will create a more transparent China.

Swans are being given transmitters so that we can truly track their migration patterns.

The University of Michigan has set up a website with original documents from the Spanish Flu Pandemic. Introducing a new concept to me: that of an escape community. See below.

Howard Markel, MD, Phd“The website is the result of a project funded by the federal Defense Threat Reduction Agency to identify and research a very important group of American communities. These are called escape communities and they experienced extremely low morbidity and mortality rates during the 1918-1920 influenza epidemic,” says Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., George E. Wantz professor in history of medicine and the center’s director.

Webpage is here.

Utah has formed a task force to take pandemic planning further than the plan level.


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