Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September 5 Flu Update

Bird flu continues to re-emerge in Asia, this time in Cambodia. There were 700 dead ducks there.

ProMed on Cambodia--and on China admitting it has handed over no flu sequences since 2004.

600 birds also died in West Java, Indonesia.

Here's a jaw dropper. China has vaccinated 4.88B fowl. One at a time. Of course, the benefits of vaccinating fowl aren't clear because they can mask the disease...at the same time, is that what has worked so well in Vietnam?

Indonesia is looking at a massive vaccination program as well, one of its first large-scale flu efforts.

Effect Measure has interesting news from Emerging Infectious Diseases. It tells the story of a man who was exposed to sick chickens, got bird flu and died. Meanwhile, hundreds of other people who similarly exposed, and no one got sick or has the antibodies to the flu. What could explain this?

Both lead to the conclusion that at the moment exposure of humans to this virus leads to illness only rarely.

In other words, not only do we not have H2H, we barely have B2H.

The Indonesian government is building a bird flu handling centre in Antara.

Britain is testing wildfowl killed during legal hunts.

Belgium is going to institute bird flu control measures, keeping flocks from wild birds.

Bird flu planning efforts are moving forward in Guam.

Promed has comments on the WHO case definitions....comments say that aytpical cases could bring down the overall subclinical case count.

Indonesia is looking to up its Tamiflu supply with some homemade versions.


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