Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 8 Flu Update

WHO has recognized three more flu from June 2006, and two from 2005. That is 63 cases in Indonesia and 48 fatalities.

Official WHO update from Indonesia.

China is looking for hundreds of volunteers for its second clinical trial. Children and the elderly are to be included.

People have also volunteered children for testing in Hungary of their vaccine.

Vietnam has also completed worked on a vaccine developed in a monkey's kidney. They will be using US $ to expand the tests to human trials.

Egypt reports more bird flu in birds.

Revere says the bird flu marches on, yet our decision makers seem to be looking at other things.

Recombinomics on more apparent clusters in Indonesia.

Governor Doyle in Wisconsin accepted the state's pandemic preparedness plan.

The CDC says it has ironed out virus sharing snafus with China in sharing sequences.

PETA in Alabama understands their could be culling--but wants in done via carbon dioxide poisoning.

Westborough MA has a town plan for the bird flu.

Planning is also ongoing in Salt Lake City...

and in Nipawin Saskatchewan.

CIDRAP covers the blood transfusion treatment that has been all over the news recently. Good perspective--logistical problems, but there is some interest.


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