Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 24 Flu Update

We're taking a trip for Memorial Day, so this blog will not be updated again until May 29th. Have a good holiday, everyone.

The big news is that WHO is now suggesting that for the first time, the H5N1 virus has transmitted H2H to a third generation---from person to person to person.

Nick Zamiska of the WSJ sent this along--note that he has WHO telling us that they are not considering taking the pandemic to phase 4.

Helen Branswell comes along as well, noting WHO's statement that the pandemic phase is still 3.

Effect Measure has this covering the two ways to look at this story. On one hand, WHO is reluctant to go to Phase 4--noting that limited H2H has happened before. However, other experts note that the past cases were from sick person to a caregiver--ie someone who was in very close contact for long periods of time. In this case, two of the people infected were an 18 month old and a ten year old. Effect Measure finishes with an admonishment to the scientific community to quit hoarding flu data.

Newsweek on the Indonesian story.

Fears of bird flu hit the Asian markets, and rippled across to North America.

China is reporting a new outbreak among birds in Qinghai.

Canada is asking if business is ready for a pandemic. Big business conference to be held next month in Winipeg.

More on the Ames, IA, lab at the center of the US surveillance network.

CNN reports on bird flu drug counterfeiting.

A company in California is reporting preliminary success with a new anti viral.

The Secretary General of the UN praises Vietnam for flu control.

West Virginia University is preparing for a pandemic.

The Federal Health minister in Canada is proposing a global pandemic summit--in Canada.

USA Today had this--most cities and states not ready for pandemic.

Riverside County, CA, is buying $500K in Tamiflu.

A meeting was held to support the poultry industry in Italy--I guess. Translation a little weak here.


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