Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 20 Flu Update

Dateline Romania, where parts of the capital are sealed off and bird flu outbreaks were found in two more regions.

Earlier on Saturday, Bucharest's head of veterinary services said the districts of Andronache and Luica, home to 2,000 people, were being quarantined, with traffic diverted and disinfection measures put in place.

There were two more outbreaks of Burkina Faso among birds.

Nigeria also suspects a new outbreak among birds.

Egypt denies a new human case of bird flu in that country.

ProMed on new bird outbreaks in the Czech Republic, and Russia.

China's Vice-premier is "not optimistic" about the future course of bird flu--interesting how Chinese officials--even when they posture--are different from US officials when they posture.

The US Deputy Surgeon General was in Oklahoma, talking about a pandemic, and how if there is one, it will hit Oklahoma.

Helen Branswell writes on what the situation in Indonesia has to say about the containment plan...namely, it says it puts it in doubt.

"This was never about wanting to contain the virus. It's about the reality of what happens in everyday life," Osterholm said Saturday from Minneapolis, where he is director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

"One of the problems models can't address is the impact of politics, fear, panic and lack of compliance on written guidelines for public health actions."

This is very interesting. A 92-year old woman in Buffalo who survived the 1918 flu has given 10 vials of her blood to help today's pandemic vaccine efforts.

My mother and father and sister and I, all four of us had it and all four of us survived," she said Friday. "That was a miracle."

"All we did was lay in bed. I don't remember eating," said Horsch, whose mother hung a camphor bag around her neck to ward off germs.

She drifted in and out of consciousness with fever; she doesn't know for how long. The family eventually recovered, helped by twice-daily house calls from their doctor.

Associated Press with further withering criticism of Indonesia's pandemic response.

China announced that two boys--who had been released from the hospital months ago--have fully recovered from the bird flu.

Bolivia has strengthened its airport security plans....

The Dons at Oxford are helping to develop a flu vaccine, including some research with local citizens. Work funded by Sanofi.

From Effect Measure, a story on the infection of cats with H5H1, the virus that continues to be full of surprises.

ProMed with OIE report on Denmark.

Recombinomics with translations of reports of a new family cluster in Surabaya.

Greenhammer notes that Sen. Joe Biden is calling for more money to fight bird flu.


At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Pater said...

I am not sure if i want to make a grand speach or matter out of this, but there is a matter which i have thought about during the last months, actually it concerns the human biological evolution.

As some of you may know, that evolution has stopped along time ago after we begun walking up straight, got bigger brains and started to speak, after that the only evolution that has taken place is the cultural evolution. ie sharing of knowledge which is much enabled by our languages.

In any way, i have reached the conclusion that a dark future after a pandemic with the possibility of most of the world population gone, our bodies by natural circumstances, of their need to survive in a changed world with no supermarkets and other such modern living resources. Will again be forced to evovle in order to compete with other primitive animals for their survival.

Hence as most of us recognize, survival in nature is not something most of us any longer are familiar with and far from able to uphold for any long periods of time, animals in most cases are far to more adaptable and used to live in mother nature than we are now. Ofcourse just like during a probable coming peak oil, the wealthy and western nations will be hit hardest by this eventual new way of life, farmers and small primitive communities in the wilderness of the world, if they survive the pandemic, will be far more better advanced to continue their simple lives in the wild nature which soon will be our new home.

Any way, if such is the sad outlook for the future, then perhaps it is for the better. Sure we have done so many great "wonders" with our technologies and tools that extend our inner powers, but were it not for the fuels or electricity supporting them all, we would be left helpless all like one.

Hence the restarting of the biological evolution is something i see as necessary in order for humanity to ever be able to save themselves from our impending selfdestruction, that which will come through our depletion of the worlds resources and us misusing our natural given rights to live in peace with other creatures, something we do not do.

To evolve in our own beings, would mean a vast ammount of mutations, something that might take hundreds or thousands of years, a long time which most people doubt we have at the rate we are going today. Hence i predict that it is not our scientific discoveries of DNA alterations, and genetical manipulations or all of our mindbending scientific will to cure our bodies from all their frailments that will take us into the future.

For all of this things can create a new species, but that will be a completly new species that is not coming from our own self, rather if our biological entities are forced because of natural threats to evolve, then natural wonders can occur, were we as an evolved species, we would be able to change our own bodies through the will of the mind, making such matters like sickness a thing of the past. Of course others like Alchemist have gone through this line of thought in the past.

These are mere visions of a human, but other visions might lead the way unto a new kind of artificiell intelligence, where our personalities are collected and imprinted on friendly "viruses" which could infect other animals without doing harm.

By such escaping from various species at any sign of unfriendly viruses coming in to that host, of course going to this lenght of scientifc achivements in order to escape from a Bird Flu Pandemic is a far to unreal scenario, because that kind of science is hundreds of years into the future and if a pandemic does strike hard, then sadly the scientist normally leading the way like lights in the dark, wont be here any longer and darkness again will cover the face of the earth.

But the concept is here, and if not by any other way of implementation, then i myself believe our biological self awarness will enable this to happen, when it is triggered so in our collective unconciousness or "Anima Mundi" For if all things are connected, surely, the Bird Flu is here in order to advance our evolution in the direction it is meant to take, and not unto our extinction.

I do have faith, in God, & that bird flu is not a punishment from him, but rather a path of salvation from our past lives of ignorance unto all that which is good and beuatiful in this world.



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