Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 19 Flu Update

Egypt is now reporting a second case, this time in a man. The two cases are said to be not connected.

Um Mohammed, 35, said that although she had told authorities that her birds were dying, "They did nothing to help me. Day after day, I watched my chickens die. I felt as though I was handcuffed."

Official Israeli statement that there are no positive H5n1 tests, and that poultry is safe to eat.

The Jerusalem Post tells us a woman is in the hospital with suspected bird flu.

Massive culling in Israel.

3 more people are hospitalized in Jalgaon, India, under suspicion of bird flu.

The three are being treated with Tamiflu.

ProMed reports on a large new outbreak in Russia, as well as more dead birds in Denmark.

India continues to report trouble in the poultry and egg markets.

Uganda has added a "bird flu testing machine" to its arsenal.

This story contains news of a possible outbreak in the Congo.

The University of Wisconsin has founded the Institute for Influenza Viral Research, as a home for the laboratories of Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a world-renowned influenza researcher.

With its increased capacity, Roche says its capacity well exceeds its current orders.

Meanwhile, India has quit buying Tamiflu from's why.

Health secretary Prasanna Hota told FE that no fresh orders would be placed with the companies, as “indiscriminate use of Tamiflu could be a health hazard.” He, however, added that order for another 20,000 doses already given to Roche would not be retracted.

This is an ongoing theme...the Chinese are now testing Tamiflu.

ProMed with some genetic sequence data....noting that this type of thing is why the sequences should be public.

Finally, ProMed surveys Africa and Asia.

Interesting article from a physician from Stony Brook U in NY. He notes that the bird flu focus is missing the larger picture...which is that poverty is creating the conditions for the emergence of infectious disease--and bird flu is just an example.

The flu writer everyone loves to hate is back. Wendy Orent writes that factory farms are to blame for the spread of the flu.

Hey, and to make it a two-fer, Marc Siegal is on board, too. Effect Measure critiques Siegal's criticism of Dr. Webster's statement (quoted at the bottom of the right sidebar) that people don't want to accept that 50% could die.


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