Sunday, December 18, 2005

December 18 Flu Update

Through a public access request, Canadian Press has access to Canadian Finance memos which say that the nation could lose $14B to a flu pandemic, or 1.2%--about 40% of its anticipated growth for a given year when the economy is going well.

Chicago Sun-Times on the story we ran yesterday on experimental nasal vaccines for the bird flu.

More bird flu in Romania.

Gary Butcher, a poultry vet in Florida, has emerged as a leading flu naysayer. He says the chances are basically zero, and that the flu hype is all to generate grant funds....a "golden goose" he calls it, with no apparent sense of irony.

WHO is concerned about the potential for bird flu in Nigeria.

The Tennessean reminds people to not forget about AIDS in the bird flu fear.

A woman in Singapore has been cleared of bird flu--keep in mind that often these results "reverse" themselves.

Malaysia flu preperation is detailed.

Bird flu reported here in Korea--says "most" strains are not pathogenic. Probably more to come out here.

Crofsblogs pointed us to this from Knight Ridder. When smallpox was beaten, the US decided that infectious diseases were a thing of the past, and shifted public health priorities. Now, infectious disease is on the comeback trial. Must read.

Again, via Crofsblogs. David Nabbaro in the Detroit News. He makes flu news wherever he goes.

Don't know what to make of this---Kirin Brewery says it has developed an "antibody" to fight against the bird flu.


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