Wednesday, October 26, 2005

October 26 Flu Update--Hong Kong Paper reports girl dies in Chinese village known to have bird flu

A paper in Hong Kong says a 12-year old girl has died of suspicious symptoms after eating a chicken that had died. She lived in Hunan, an area where birds had been reported dying.

The UPI reports that there are three new cases in Thailand and Indonesia.

Outside Asia, on the French Island of Reunion (Indian Ocean), three tourists have been tested since returning from Thailand. Initial tests are positive for bird flu, which would be the first cases outside Asia.

Recombinomics says this is clear evidence of a pandemic at level 5 or 6.

The British government is preparing more bird flu regulations.

The possibility of instructing poultry farmers to bring free range chickens indoors is being urgently discussed by ministers with the industry and a register of commercial poultry producers will be established, Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett said.

Indian government is planning to stockpile Tamiflu.

In the City of Beijing, they are preparing four levels of alerts for bird flu, using (how novel) colors to symbolize the different risks.

ABC News on the confirmation of bird flu in Croatia, and reaction from the rest of Europe.

In Rome, they handed out free chicken to show it was safe. Chickens sales had plummeted since bird flu took center stage.

Ongoing reports on the Canadian flu conference.

Hong Kong has reserved strong powers in the case of flu, and they are ready to implement.

Spammers are now finding more and more bird flu opportunities.

Positive words have been spoken about Thailands 1 million local bird flu monitors. They have now been activated.

In Europe, WHO says 46 of 52 nations have a flu plan.

Fiji has a bird flu plan. post on bird flu, with link to a new book.

Business Week details the response to bird flu coming to Europe. Their term is "panic."

If you read here often, you will notice that there are a lot of flu meetings. Regional, continental, and international--there seem to be a lot of meetings. WHO is calling another meeting in Geneva November tie the pieces together from all the other meetings.

The EU has banned the import of captive live birds from third (presumably non-European) countries.

Australia has donated money to Vietnam to help it fight the bird flu.

Thailand is getting fairly real about the bird flu--they are planning to care for the sick in 40 special care units in four hospitals.

Helen Branswell on pledges of global cooperation at the Canadian conference...

and on the suspension of Tamiflu retail sales we carried yesterday.

Hungary says its bird flu vaccine will be available for use in March.

The top Medical Officer in Canada tells people to stop hoarding Tamiflu...

and the same advice was given in Thailand.

Vietnam is joining the list of nations producing its own Tamiflu.

The CBC has the story of Tamiflu reigniting the controversey over Internet pharmacies in Canada, with a leading trade group calling on an end to exports of drugs.

Effect Measure comments on a Kiwi blog which wonders about the collision of employment law and the flu...can an employer require employees to stay home?

Recombinomics says wild bird flu confirmed in Moldova.

Recombinomics on a familial cluster in Thailand....

and the fatal case in Hunan.

ProMed weighs in on the cross-protection issue with typical flu vaccines. The final conclusion appears to be that it is unlikely.

ProMed on news from around the world. There are dead birds in Bali that are believed to be H5N1 related, and Britain said their appear to be two dead parrots.

ProMed on the Croatian Confirmation.

ProMed on the Hunan case, and a suspected case in Germany (in a bird).

Crofsblog points us to an article on what researchers today can learn from the 1918 flu.


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