Friday, October 21, 2005

October 21 Flu Update

CIDRAP has today's big news--a parrot in quarantine Britain has H5. Also news on the Thai death.

Thanks to Craig, who pointed me to this article in today's edition of The Week, one of the best magazines available. Its their cover story on the flu.

Taiwan says it has its own anti-flu drug.

Victoria, Australia, says its ready for the bird flu.

More from Australia, where their final flu plan was announced. In the event of a pandemic, travellers could be held at the airport for six days prior to being allowed entry into the country.

Reuters covers the bird flu in Europe, country-by-country.

Secretary Leavitt says that bird flu travels along migratory bird routes.

CNN on the possibility of a bird flu vaccine without eggs.

Hungary says its getting interest in its bird flu vaccine from around the world

The New Scientist on the new rash of flu outbreaks.

The Financial Times on the first death in Thailand (reported here previously).

New Zealand says borders will close if the flu breaks out.

NBC's George Lewis has this report from Asia--including talk of what closing borders would do to the economy.

UPI with a good story on how IT could be used to help fight bird flu, but how some health departments could still be using index cards.

The AP asks if the "Tamiflu bottleneck" has been ended.

This health IT pub notes that Britain already published the second generation of its bird flu plan, while the US struggles to publish the first.

More on the International Flu Meeting scheduled by and in Canada.

In Connecticut, there's a local analysis of what the flu would mean there.

The state's 31 hospitals would run out of beds. They would face extreme staff shortages with at least 35 percent to 50 percent of their medical personnel out sick, caring for family members or refusing to jeopardize their health to treat droves of flu patients.
A similar story from across the world, in New Zealand, where the projection is compared to the 1918 flu.

In South Africa, they are DETERMINED to stay bird flu free.

The EU has approved further bird flu protective measures.

Cyprus is speeding up its own bird flu measures.

Another voice...anti-AIDS activists are calling for Tamiflu to be released from patent protection.

The Patent Baristas says there are new complications on who owns the Tamiflu patent--Roche, or Gilead.

The economic and social effects have been commented here time and time again over the past few weeks. Here, Effect Measure notes that recent flu news has caused soybean futures to fall.

Effect Measure has news of a new toy--a chicken you can kill yourself, if you think it has the flu.

Recombinomics says wild bird flu is confirmed in Croatia.

ProMed has confirmation of the reports--including almost immediate plans of the EU to ban Croatian poultry.

Recombinomics notes the clusters in Indonesia, and that they begin to look like more H2H than has been reported.

ProMed on a new, suspected case in Romania.

The Family cluster in Indonesia is not lab-confirmed...ProMed.


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