Sunday, October 23, 2005

October 23 Flu Update--English Parrot is H5N1

Recombinomics has the news on the dead parrot, which was found to be H5N1. While the parrot was being imported from South America, it was quarantined with some birds from Taiwan.

Here's the Dutch version of the Bird Flu FAQ.

Doctors in Australia have a story to tell that sounds familiar--their patients are demanding Tamiflu.

The same problem is occuring here in the US....

and the State of New Hampshire is urging physicians not to fill those Rx requests.

Reuters goes around the horn on the bird flu in Europe, with a report on several nations.

The UN is urging that Indonesia take stronger action against the bird flu. While we were watching Europe, the situation here has steadily deteriorated. They consider Indonesia one of the weak links in Asia. Note this:

With avian influenza now diagnosed among birds in two-thirds of the country's provinces, Indonesia must begin the immediate culling of poultry in infected areas and revamp its campaign to vaccinate fowl against the virus, according to officials from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

There's a new case reported in Thailand, from a man who ate a sick bird.

Sweden says the dead bird has LPAI.

An international consultancy is telling businesses to prepare for a pandemic that gives them 30% absenteeism.

An article in Malta, noting if travel is banned, an island like Malta is especially isolated.

The Ann Arbor News has a Michigan-based interview on the bird flu pandemic. Michigan has been working on a flu plan for a year.

Conversely, this paper says New Jersey has no plan for a pandemic, beyond hoping for a vaccine. Article notes US origins of Spanish Flu in New Jersey.

The lead paper in Arkansas looks at bird flu from the home of Tyson Chickens.

You will recall that Gilead and Roche are currently in litigation over Roche, with Gilead trying to take back the rights to Tamiflu. Here is Gilead's latest salvo in that battle.

In Vietnam, new bird vaccine is easing fears.

ProMed has a roundup of the day's news. Most interesting is a small debate on an issue debated here, which is whether the "normal" flu vaccine will provide cross-protection to bird flu. Some have said yes, the mod here says no.

More MSM news--Crofsblogs says that Newsweek's cover is bird flu this week. Its content rich, though likely to be nothing new for people more steeped in flu issues.


At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eerie how in this sketch the guy who has the dead parrot also is suffering from a cold, or could it be the flu?

Mr. Praline: 'Ello, I wish to register a complaint.

(The owner does not respond.)

Mr. Praline: 'Ello, Miss?

Owner: What do you mean "miss"?

Mr. Praline: I'm sorry, I have a cold. I wish to make a complaint!

Owner: We're closin' for lunch.

Mr. Praline: Never mind that, my lad. I wish to complain about this parrot what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.

Owner: Oh yes, the, uh, the Norwegian Blue...What's,uh...What's wrong with it?

Mr. Praline: I'll tell you what's wrong with it, my lad. 'E's dead, that's what's wrong with it!


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