Thursday, October 20, 2005

October 20 Flu Update

Thailand experienced its first bird flu death in more than a year yesterday, and the man's son is also sick, though not as sick. Today, the family is ripping the government for trying to cover up the cause of death.

Here's Reuters on the death in Thailand.

Bloomberg is reporting on the latest death in Thailand, and why the illness of the son is raising H2H concerns in that country.

Family clusters in Indonesia are causing other H2H concerns.

The Globe Mail covers the day's flu news, including reports that the dead man ate a neighbor's sick chickens.

CIDRAP on Thailand's death.

Recombinomics on Thailand.

The drug industry is concerned that the flu could net bad PR for them...and they are taking steps.

A flu Q&A from NPR.

Russia is working to keep bird flu from stretching from Tula to Moscow, all the while talking about how unlikely flu is to move from Tula to Moscow. Tula provides most of the poultry to Moscow.

The British government is undertaking an idea that has been suggested before--they are advancing funds to pharmaceutical companies.

Time has a report from the frontlines of the flu--in Romania.

When people living in the remote Danube Delta villages of Ceamurlia de Jos and Maliuc heard last week that their chickens and ducks would have to be destroyed to help prevent the spread of the Avian flu virus, they reacted in different ways. Some wept and prayed as they handed over their birds; others tried to hide them. Said Ceamurlia resident Gina Braileanu, "My uncle was caught hiding a hen close to his chest. He had to give it up."

Others immediately slaughtered their flocks, stuffing them into freezers for later consumption. But in the end there was no hiding place...

91,000 birds (corrected) were culled in China after the latest outbreak.

The Economist has a long bird flu story that is probably nothing new to long-time flu observers, though it appears to be accurate and realistic.

A teleconference is being held on the economic reaction to the flu pandemic--before it even begins.

Dr. Elizabeth Whalen, of the American college of Science and Health is beginning a national tour to discuss "the nature of a potential outbreak of avian influenza, the shortage of anti-viral medicines such as Tamiflu and the lack of an effective vaccine."

EU Health ministers held another meeting on the bird flu.

Here's the official WHO update on the situation in Thailand.

Helen Branswell is back again, with this article quoting a Canadian Health Official as saying that sharing knowledge helps everyone--based on the SARS situation.

A UK unit is coordinating an EU bird flu exercise.

A local official in Atlanta comments on pandemic response in that area.

Roche is continung to back down--agreeing to meet with potential generic producers of Tamiflu.

Since the patent is still pending in India, they might be able to start now.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is allocating $ for Tamiflu.

A company willing to produce copious amount of generic Tamiflu has jumped into the fray.

Report from Wales say bird flu drug stockpile will be ready in one year.

Flu brings Israel and Jordan together to fight----the flu.

Effect Measure wonders if all this news is really more news, or just a lower bar to get into the paper...or whether all this news is only the tip of the iceberg.

Recombinomics looks at OIE data and says the case is closed---H5N1 is in Romania.

Recombinomics has translation data of two familial clusters admitted to the hospital on the same day in Jakarta.

ProMed on Taiwan's import issue.

ProMed on Thailand, and Indonesia, including the new potential clusters.

ProMed on Thailand.


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You typed 91,000 people were culled in China, where the article says 91,000 birds.

Boxun claimed back in June that 3 Qinghai lake villages were raised due to bird flu back in June, but this has never been substantiated and in any case it is unclear if it would have been due to human infections or due to armed resistance to culling of livestock.

At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would China be willing to include corrupt government officials forwarded from other coutries?


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