Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 10-11 Flu Update

There is a suspected bird flu death in Indonesia.

Recombinomics has his take on the news from Jakarta.

Effect Measure comments as well.

ProMed weighs in, too.

The pressure is on to prepare for bird flu in the United Arab Emirates.

Recombinomics on false negatives in Indonesia and the concerns that creates.

Crofsblogs has a take on an angle that has been discussed before--that in a flu crisis, your healthcare workers may not show up for work.

Crofsblogs also has The International Herald Tribune saying that US and China might be signalling bird flu cooperation.

Here's a Chinese media story on the same topic.

Crofsblogs tracked down this from Business Week Online, which has a scenario of an American businessman bringing the flu home from a business trip to Vietnam. Interesting, and, as pointed out, helps to put flu in the minds of the US private sector.

In our first ever ESPN link, the flu brought an early bird season to Russia.

WHO is urging Asia to do more.


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