Friday, September 09, 2005

September 8 Flu Update

As the Dutch go...Germany has two states now requiring chickens to be kept in pens.
Recombinomics has the same story, saying move is "wise."

According to this report, Iran has banned wheat from Kazhakstan due to bird flu

Russia reports no new cases in Altai.

However, ProMed cites a report that says that in addition to earlier reports of bird flu in 47 villages, there are another 80 with suspected bird flu problems.

In what I suspect is a translation error, a Morrocan official is quoted as saying his nation is no longer "subject" to the bird flu.

Helen Branswell (Fluitzer nominee) covers the GSK purchase of a vaccine producer, cited in this space yesterday. The company purchased was Canada's only native vaccine producer, and government officials are sure all its contracts will be honored.

Effect Measure on yesterday's "Stage Four" story from WHO.

H5N1 has two links to FAO reports on migratory fowl and bird flu.

H5N1 also has the Guardian, saying that were scaring ourselves into inaction.

Check out this site, noted in comments yesterday. Good bird flu coverage.


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