Tuesday, July 12, 2005

July 12 Flu Update

Thai, Thai again edition.

Yesterday they were ready to say they were bird flu free. Today, its endemic in Thailand.

Reuters covers Thailand.

CIDRAP also has the Thailand news.

Recombinomics on Thailand.

Effect Measure joins in on Thai party.

ProMed on the Thai setback.

Note this on the seasonal nature of the flu bug:

Cases of avian influenza may occur year round, but there is a
seasonal pattern, since the survival and the viability of influenza A
virus are known to increase at lower environmental temperatures. Such
an upsurge is expected towards summer's end. For instance, since
2001, H5N1 viruses have continued to circulate in mainland China with
a seasonal pattern, peaking from October to March, when the mean
temperature is below 20 C. See Li, Guan et al, 2004: "Genesis of a
highly pathogenic and potentially pandemic H5N1 influenza virus in
eastern Asia," Nature 430, 209-213.

Malaysia has banned Philippine poultry. (I always wonder how much of this is protectionism).

The Philippines is checking bird sanctuaries for potential sources of infection.

Vietnam is beginning a bird flu vaccination program.

Yesterday, we noted that Revere was dubious about the Philippines official who said that the bird flu there was LPAI. Recombinomics is dubious too.

ProMed on Japan, where a fresh H5n2 case was found.


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