Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July 5 Flu Update

WHO leads the news with another game attempt to sound the warning after last week's misstep.

The evolution of the H5N1 virus which causes bird flu will dwarf the SARS epidemic, this according to Peter Cordingley, WHO regional spokesman for Asia, who spoke at the opening of an Asia-wide conference that brought together officials from national and international organisations like WHO.

The conference is designed to provide participants with an update in the situation and highlight possible strategies to prevent viruses leaping from animals to humans, and creating a mutated flu germ.

The Guardian reports on doctors calling for new vigilance to stop the bird flu.

Report from China says FAO says situation still serious.

French press release that notes that there is still time to stop the spread of the flu.

FAO is calling for poultry vaccines, saying its everyone's problem

IHT on the Malaysia conference.

Recombinomics says genetic data now at LANL shows that additional dual infection and recombination could bring new problems in the Fall.


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