Sunday, July 10, 2005

July 11th Flu Update

Today's lead story is from Thailand, where they were ready to be declared flu-free and start exporting chickens again. Not so fast, H5N1 is confirmed.

Note this:

Checks are now taking place to determine whether bird flu has been the cause of the large number of deaths of fowl in six other provinces.
Six? That's a big jump from Bird Flu free.

Recombinomics comments on Thailand.

Apparently, Australia is looked at as a major flu donor...something about being first in the line of fire.

In the Philippines, residents are being advised not to put bird farms in the paths where migratory birds fly. Other than that, confidence is expressed in containing the virus.

In another story from the Philippines, Ag officials say they have "their eyes peeled" against the bird flu.

ProMed has the text of the story from the Philippines. The mod comments that its preamture to say its LPAI is extremely premature.

This Recombinomics article is entitled " Swine Mutation PB2 V649I in Qinghai H5N1 Bird Flu." Basically, he says that the isolates show "mammalian polymorphisms." Finally, that stories from Boxun about Qinghai are gaining credibility--and I'm not sure where that comes from.

ProMed on the recent stories on apparent attempts by the Chinese to limit transparency on bird flu. Contains both the original story in Nature, and the denial by the Chinese, and a mod "comment."

Finally, I'm not sure how interesting this is, but I found this mention by a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines who said she got a box of tamiflu for her med kit.


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