Wednesday, July 06, 2005

July 6 Flu Update--A Plan

In Malaysia, health experts have unveiled a comprehensive bird flu program.

CIDRAP has the story of the plan.

Think we aren't in this for the long haul? CBC has the story of the WHO saying it will take 10 years to stamp out bird flu, and $100M US (for 3 years), though that seems low to me.

UPDATE:Effect Measure weights in, agreeing that the $100 million is chicken feed.

Here's the official FAO press release.

The Japanese say they have confirmed their non-H5N1 outbreak.

Indonesia is cranking up its flu protection measures.

Cambodia is experiencing a major flu outbreak. Reports are sketchy, and include eating chicken prior to the illness. A health official there says its a B flu, but there are lots of people sick and this situation probably warrants monitoring.

FAO officials remain concerned about the flu.

The AMA has the first historical review of the effect of Spanish Flu on the military during WWI.

As the nation moves to upgrade flu vaccine production capacity, a Pennsylvania plant that is currently closed may be purchased and re-opened.

Recombinomics is continuing to look at the microscopic life of the virus. He finds ample ground for future recombination.

There is co-circulation of two distinct genotypes in the south as well as co-circulation of two distinct genotypes in the north. Co-circulation of distinct genotypes leads to more recombination via dual infections, which will create more new sequences and more new problems in the fall.

Effect Measure on the 9-day old flu wiki. Revere is calling on people to contribute their ideas to the wiki, which has some great content and some holes, which it is up to us to fill.

Here's a warning from H5N1 that you really need to read--a Flu book you want to avoid like the plague.

There's an Asian flu coalition pledge cooperation in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

A comment in the Effect Measure post pointed this, where there is a claim of a new flu drug developed by China. (Emphasis added).

The six countries have also made progress in cooperation in public health field as the new avian flu drug developed by China has been used in Vietnam in April of this year, which helped bring the disease under control as it killed 99.99 percent of avian flu virus in areas hit by the disease.


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