Saturday, July 09, 2005

July 9 Flu Update

UK article on the possibility of geese bringing bird flu out of Asia the UK.

Note--I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the MSM coverage of bird flu has increased once the migratory geese element was introduced. It seems to be hitting a little more home.

Here's another story of the introduction of bird flu to the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the local experts are saying there is no "indication" its H5n1.

Recombinomics comments on the "no indication" story, and notes that there were other disease outbreaks in the Philippines (tracked closely here) that could have been misdiagnosed bird flu.

Recombinomics cites another story that says it is H5.

CIDRAP confirms this, as well.

Promed on the Philippines

Vietnam is testing VIRA 38 with birds in flu fight.

Ho Chi Minh City is bringing new bird flu restrictions on board.

Cumbria is developing bird flu plans.

The UN FAO is confirming that North Korea is bird flu free.

Effect Measure revisits the issue of Chinese information control, and finds it is a credible charge has a compelling critique of the bird flu plan, equating it to throwing in the towel.


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