Thursday, June 09, 2005

June 9 Flu Update

Confirmation that deadly bird flu has spead in China.

CIDRAP on the new outbreak in China.

Effect Measure on the new Chinese news.

In Chinese public statements, its important to read between the lines, as Recombinomics does here to relay that bird flu may be in Tibet, too.

WHO wants to visit Qinghai...finally.

H5N1 joins a growing bit of conventional wisdom that what's going on in China might be much ado about nothing. Note here.
Since such rapid and widespread infection and mortality are unusual with avian flu, it may even be that something else is behind the deaths. The article points out that H5N1 isn't known to exist in India at the moment, and infected wildfowl migrating from India would likely have died before reaching Qinghai.

Now there are dead crows in India, and Recombinomics thinks they should be tested.


At 10:01 AM, Blogger Revere said...

In my list of other sources for bird flu info I inadvertantly left out The Coming Influenza Pandemic. I will try to post an update to remedy this oversight. My apologies.


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