Thursday, June 02, 2005

June 1 Flu Update

There are sick birds in Brazil, but they say bird flu has been ruled out.

New Scientist reports on the prospects of Tamiflu.

China is working on its early warning system for bird flu.

H3 bird flu in British Columbia.

We noted here a while back that Effect Measure wrote a piece on the Pennsylvania Health Department's Secret Flu Plan (he used the word "idiots") and now there's actually public outcry on the secret flu plan.

The Globe and Mail says pandemic planning is lacking (which may be why Pennsylvania wanted to keep it secret.

Effect Measure on the Canadian report.

CIDRAP reports on legitimate scientific information that grapes might help fight the flu.

Recombinomics reports on more unconfirmed indigenous reports on human disease in China.

The first MSM article on bird flu blogging.

Effect Measure recaps the 411 on tamiflu.


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