Wednesday, June 08, 2005

June 8 Flu Update

Recombinomics says the third Chinese photo listed below is doctored.

Sharp Industries of Japan has an air purifier that kills bird flu in a controlled enviornment. Its called the plasmacluster.

Mainland China says it would provide support to Hong Kong in the event of a communicable disease crisis.

Effect Measure on the Obama/Lugar OP-ed in the Times. They are complimentary of their effort, which advocates an internationalist approach and using our resources to stop the disease in Asia.

...the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved legislation to direct President Bush to form a senior-level task force to coordinate US foreign policy on the threat of an avian influenza pandemic

H5N1 has an interesting article about collateral damage. When flu devours the healthcare resources of a country, what happens to people who are critically ill with other diseases? has this interesting set of commentary and new and improved translations from China on the unconfirmed reports there.


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