Saturday, June 04, 2005

June 4 Flu Update

Slow day would be an understatement.

ProMed mail with some reports from China.

Here's a flu distribution map which gives you a nice idea of the geography. Hint! Its clickable.

An interesting article from a new blogger, who is looking at flu as a wildlife issue. Here, he wonders, among many things, whether the H5N1, which is often in migratory fowl, was incidential to death of birds in China.

Foreign Affairs has this excerpt on the potential pandemic

Foreign Affairs on preparing for the flu epidemic.

Here's an excerpt:

The pandemic-related collapse of worldwide trade and its ripple effect throughout industrialized and developing countries would represent the first real test of the resiliency of the modern global delivery system. Given the extent to which modern commerce relies on the precise and readily available international trade of goods and services, a shutdown of the global economic system would dramatically harm the world's ability to meet the surging demand for essential commodities such as food and medicine during a crisis. The business community can no longer afford to play a minor role in planning the response to a pandemic. For the world to have critical goods and services during a pandemic, industry heads must stockpile raw materials for production and preplan distribution and transportation support. Every company's senior managers need to be ready to respond rapidly to changes in the availability, production, distribution, and inventory management of their products. There is no model for how to revive the current global economy were it to be devastated.


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