Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June 28th Flu Update

Vietnam is confirming 60 cases since December 2004.

The Japanese are looking for new bird flu detection methods.

Article lists how Vietnam is spending money on bird flu, including compensation for culled birds.

US Senator Carper talks about need for bird flu action from the government.

In Indiana, they're also worried about bird flu.

Recombinomics tells us the WHO is going to have a 6/28 presser to discuss what they found in Qinghai. He says that the rumors are they will say there are no human cases.

Recombinomics on the presser. Apparently a massive bird kill-off, but no evidence cited of human disease.

CIDRAP on the Japan cases.

CIDRAP with a good article on the future of cell culture--instead of egg culture--of flu vaccines.

Here's the transcript to the Congressional testimony.

Effect Measure with a Day 1 report on the Flu Wiki. Huge hits on the first day.

Courtesy Epidemica, free range birds in Thailand to go on--the chickens are simply too tied to subsistence.

Also courtesy Epidemica, the Scots are planning six-month quarantines for bird flu.

h5N1 found this article from an Australian magazine for CFOs on the economic consequences of bird flu.

Sadly, based on Ms. Garrett's comments in the Foreign Affairs events, companies are channeling their efforts into private medicine stockpiling rather than pressuring the government to act.

Here's a nice piece from a Citizen journalist trying to raise awareness on bird flu.


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