Thursday, June 23, 2005

June 22 Flu Update

Hong Kong Standard on the ongoing China amantadine story.

Indian paper writes flu article.

Recombinomics on amantadine and the Z genotype.

Helen Branswell of CP says that sceintists are now asking if the Chinese used tamiflu in their chicken's water.

Effect Measure writes on the tamiflu angle. (Oh, and the WHO officials have had their travel restrictions loosened in China, apparently.

Effect Measure notes that the problem of giving birds anti-microbial drugs isn't just in China.

There is another bird flu outbreak in China--Promed version.

The CDC has updated its travel guidance to Asia.

H5N1 on a story in the Guardian about flu blogs, missing some of the more prominent ones.

H5N1 on the Guardian blogging story. Nice piece, IMO. Here's a snip...

We're like ham radio operators when a storm or earthquake has knocked out the phones, or the person with a cell phone in a skiing party cut off by an avalanche. In other words, we're a convenience—at least if we keep our facts straight and don't push our egos into the story. Otherwise we're just volunteering to make matters worse.

After a few weeks' acquaintance with the individuals and blogs that are covering this story, I'm deeply impressed with their thoughtfulness and skepticism. People are just trying to report the facts as they become available, and to draw careful conclusions from those facts. Flu bloggers are setting a very high standard for one another; this is a classic example of an online community of practice and interest.

Epidemica found this ProMed link about a mass cattle death event in Bangladesh, with no known cause.


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