Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 19 Flu Update

We've had some good traffic here over the past four-five days, and I hope people keep coming back. Some came through blogdex, which claimed this site was part of what was "contagious" on the web, and also through a link on Saturday's Masslive "Blog Beat." As always, thanks for reading.

Back to work....

Today's lead story is from Helen Branswell of the Canadian press. Ms. Branswell may well be the most faithful and reliable influenza journalist today. This article is on an autopsy of one of bird flu's human victims. She adds her voice to the frustration of the lack of reliable, on-the-ground data.

Slated for publication in the July issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases, their findings of an atypical pattern of infection - deep in the lungs, away from the tracheal lining where virus could easily be coughed out at others - may help explain why H5N1 influenza doesn't yet spread easily among people.

But the very fact that a paper containing autopsy data from a single case is still desirable to journal editors a year-a-half into the H5N1 outbreak underscores a problem that has been plaguing the scientific world's pursuit of knowledge about this dangerous strain of influenza.

This article from the Phillipines reminds us that bird flu is a potential health problem.

And this article says the Phillipines are prepared.

Here's an idea--in Myanmar, they're recommending VIGILANCE.

Recombinomics again tries to tell the complex story of the Amantadine resistance story that the Washington Post broke.

Effect Measure with the latest on the fluWiki.


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