Sunday, June 26, 2005

June 26 Flu Update

The Agriculture Minister in Vietnam says the flu virus is mutating toward human transmission.

Washington Post reports on experts in Vietnam looking for bird flu intelligence.

Officials in Britain have identified bird flu to be as serious a threat to nation as terrorism.

The Philadelphia Inquirer on experts who find the situation in Vietnam "alarming." Note the expectations for the disease (ie, gone in months) and what has happened.

Recombinomics on the Philly story, saying that the trend (bad) is right, but questions the science about mutation and recomibination.

Here's the Chicago Sun-times on a report from the Trust for Health, who send modest projections of 500,000 flu deaths in the US.

Here's the TFH report. Not reassuring.

Recombinomics on the recent admission in Vietnam that there are probably many false negatives. Note this:

Media reports suggest that these changes set the stage for the explosion in admissions this month in northern Vietnam. These patients, which have a milder disease, also have sore throats, suggesting the new H5N1 can more efficiently infect the upper respiratory tract, which could result in more efficient human-to-human transmission.

On the investigation in drug misuse in China.

A media report from Vietnam on the bird flu outbreak in the central part of the country.

Flu Star Writer (can she win a Fluitzer?) Helen Branswell on the worries caused over the legal fight over tamiflu rights.

Here's news about a antiviral that was thought to have failed, but is now being brought in from the bullpen in a crisis.

Recombinomics on the sick birds in Central Vietnam.

Recombinomics on another report out of China on the dead geese.

Effect Measure talks about the British declaration of bird flu, and notes that we are hampered because our administration believes evolution is a secular fantasy.

Note, the FluWiki is due tomorrow.

You number jockies can do your own flu mortality projections for your state, right here, courtesy of the CDC.

There's a Recombination report for H5N2 flu killing birds in Japan.

And I almost forgot, courtesy of Silver Lining, we have the story of doctors in Canada stockpiling tamiflu for their families.

Finally, H5N1 writes about blogs on the flu, and the role we can play. Some of his recommendations may be folded into the wiki.

Anyway, he also said this.

I admire the terseness of the anonymous creator of The Coming Flu Pandemic? (which can probably drop the question mark).

Thank you for the mention.


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