Saturday, June 11, 2005

June 10 flu update

Today's lead story is from WHO, which wants to go to China because the virus is so virulent there, in contrast to its human transmissibility characteristics in China.

"All of this shows the virus remains unstable, unpredictable and very versatile," Reuters quoted Omi as saying. "It may have new and unpleasant surprises in store for all of us."

Recombinomics on the WHO statement.

Here's a report from the Hong Kong business press on the WHO statement, courtesy of H5N1.

Yesterday, there was a report about the flu in Brunei. Brunei denies its there.

The Chinese are continuing to slaughter fowl to control the flu.

The CBC on more bird flu in China.

The Chinese say everything is under control.

Effect Measure reviews the Sharp anti flu air machine.

ProMed on the latest on those new/old cases in Vietnam. ProMed says the report shows these people were infected in May, not April as WHO said. They are not believed to be human tranmission cases. Finally, it notes that China has said it will allow WHO in.


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