Tuesday, May 03, 2005

May 2 Flu Update

Some news is finally breaking out. Strong comments from recombinomics, and an excellent post by Effect Measure. The blogosphere, as usual, is working away.

The news has been quiet lately, but Effect Measure summarizes two recent stories that may indicate subtle increases in concern at WHO and CDC. Note his invitation to Recombimomics to weigh in on the shifting/drifting virus.

Globe and Mail story referenced in the Effect Measure Post.

Independent article we ran yesterday, referenced in Effect Measure.

Recombinomics strongly comments on his views that the mutation theory is discredited, and that reassortment is the vehicle for the virus to change.

Note this:

H5N1 is evolving via recombination, not reassortment or mutation. It is time for some of the WHO consultants to turn in their membership cards in the "Flat Earth Society", and move on to a true understanding of how influenza evolves.

Australians said not ready for bird flu.

Story on St. Jude doc who identified H5.

Column from Milwaukee on the looming bird flu pandemic.


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