Sunday, May 01, 2005

May 1 Mayday Flu Update

Independent in Britain on the flu pandemic and human-human transmission in Asia.

Working off thes story listed above, Recombinomics draws parallels between 1918 and 2005. Note the confirmation of the 7 clusters, note WHO calling in unprecedented, and note the 33 flu in Korea opening a second front and unparalleled chance for infection.

My commentary here. A while ago we had a story on the government running computer simulations to plot strategies on containment. Nature is constantly moving, testing limits, finding openings without looking for them. This is proof that simulating is probably folly, and right only by luck. A deadly pandemic, if it occurs, will come only by the confluence of events which could never have been predicted, as all "accidents" are.

Recombiomics on 33 flu and bioterrorism.


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