Monday, April 25, 2005

April 25 Flu Update

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization says bird flu in N. Korea NOT H5N1 and is contained.

CIDRAP on the same story.

ProMed Mail on the N. Korean situation.

Early tests show that 280 people with flu in China DO NOT have bird flu.

BBC on bird flu preperations.

Experts in Canada study bird flu vaccine. This is interesting. They are talking about preventively putting some elements of a virus into existing vaccines--hoping to produce enough population immunity to be a firewall, rather than matching the exact virus.

Usual high quality Scientific American stuff. The novel plan they are reporting on says that you find the area of outbreak, and flood it with antivirals, hoping to stop the virus progression before there are many branches on the tree.

Human inqenuity, as always, is interesting. These two stories fall in that category. They probably also reflect the fear that a real virus isn't realistic.


At 6:51 PM, Blogger GoodDeed said...

Again, Orange, you're the man! Based on your posting, I called NIH & spoke w/info officer who's point person for MIDAS. Pandemic has been announced by Dr. Niman. He is correct. Today, Scientific American foreshadows the conclusion and the response direction the US will take and lead the world.
Tamiflu, for all the doubts and concerns, appears as the primary agent to bank the pandemic prior to the vaccine. Thx for your posting that kicked me into taking investigative action. This is still thin soup, but today, April 26, the US Govt via SciAm has hinted at what it will reveal in June. Seatbelts fastened everyone? Orange, my observations are posted in and disease outbreaks in

At 9:37 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Gooddeed, nice digging. We'll wait to see the results in June. I looked at some of the threads you pointed to on this topic, and I have to say this:

Its the kind of thing that sounds good in theory, but could have a lot of problems in practice--not the least of which is the lack of info on clusters, which recombinomics is always talking about.

Nonetheless, it shows that someone out there is applying some thought to the process.

Thanks for reading.


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