Saturday, April 23, 2005

April 22 Flu Update

Reuters confirms that the Cambodian death this week was bird flu.

CIDRAP has the 4th death story as well.

Recombinomics says that there are two viruses circulating in Asia. A very deadly one in Cambodia and a less deadly one elsewhere.

Effect Measure on the Recombinomics report and questions of how much bird flu there is in Vietnam.

Vietnemese news says more hospitals receiving H5N1 equipment.

South Korea and North Korea meet on bird flu measures.

ProMed on Korean cooperation.

LA Times on the economic effect of bird flu in Vietnam.

A cleric in Malaysia is advocating quarantine policies.

Science Magazine on a the test kit error waking a sleeping foe--subscribers only

Science Magazine says the outbreak in N. Vietnam is baffling foes--subscribers only

Article says bird flu less deadly, more infectious....(this is pandemic formula)

This is a very interesting article about two Wooster, Ohio scientists who have done work on how flu viruses jump species, with some specific work right in the Midwestern US.

News release on Canadian review of how nation handled 2004 avian flu outbreak in British Columbia.


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