Saturday, April 23, 2005

April 23 Flu Update

Normally, weekends are slow. But today's update is an analysis-rich digest of the state of play.

Washington Post with the lead story today, about a less virulent bird flu not being a good sign, but a dark one, signalling a lead to a pandemic..

Usual high-quality work from Effect Measure, about a pandemic in slow motion. Includes the WaPo story, and the growing idea that the virus is different in North and South, which is now new to readers here.

Recombinomics on the science of the north south virus split. Warning: HEAVY science content.

Vietnam news agency on more local bird flu containment efforts

Recombinomics on the increasing denial at WHO about human-human transmission.

We've talked about the asymptomatic ducks. Now, apparently, there are asymptomatic chickens. Recombinomics writes on how this increases the chances of recombination.


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