Friday, April 01, 2005

March 31 Flu Update

Vietnam says the Haiphong Five in stable condition.

Vietnemese Official says Bird Flu is caused by ignorance, as government launches major campaign to eradicate it.

LA Times on the bird flu hitting North Korea in a vital area for their food production--poultry.

The Chinese say surveillance for flu still weak in Vietnam.

Hong Kng planning to use their major stadium as huge outpatient clinic if bird flu hits. (note...outpatient?)

This is a cool link from Harvard. Its called "Questions the media should ask" and the topic is the bird flu.

Recombinomics asserts that the Haiphong Five is proof of efficient transmission.

Revere at Effect Measure says that if N. Korea admitted the flu, it must be bad. He goes on to say that the WHO's eradication strategy has already lost, and we should prepare for a pandemic...even if it might not happen.


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