Wednesday, March 23, 2005

March 23 Flu Update

For those of you looking for vaccine into, CIDRAP tells us that clinical trials are starting soon.

NIAID press release on clincial trials....

and the University of Rochester weighs in.

The Quang Bihn mystery continues and Recombinomics is on the case, as always.

ProMed on the new case.

CDC trying again to mix genes to try and predict what new combinations might show...Recombinomics again.

ISDA representatives say that the nation is unprepared for the bird flu.

Here's a study on the economic costs of bird flu so far. Imagine what it would do to our economy.

Washington Post on the Cambodians fighting the flu with no dough.

Myanmar says no bird flu in Burma. Turns out yesterdays report on Burma was from an opposition group based in Norway.

Hong Kong may ban travellers from Vietnam.

Today's star post from Effect Measure---if you, like me, are interested in how the flu will expose the weak points of our society, not our immune system. Teaser question: Will there be enough respirators?

Effect Measure on dopey bureaucratic plans.


At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Bill+ said...

Avian flu claims Cambodian

At 8:55 AM, Blogger GoodDeed said...

On Quarantine:

Freedom vs. Draconian Protection

In China, not a discussion point. In the Western world, wow! this is a hot wire.

What's your guess? Possible, even when announced? People want to run home. Some people can't abide authority.

If our societies do not agree, now, a priori, we are all, each and every one of the 10-35% of the population who will be infected and all their closest family, at life threatening risk.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Orange said...


My view is that there are three directions it could go:

If these is direct, tangible evidence of a pandemic, we will see a panic response, completely out of step with reality, where people will be self-quarantining, shunning people, wearing masks, hoarding antivirals, respirators, etc.

If anything preventative is tried before the direct, tangible evidence is available, people will react oppositely, and FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh will tar the whole thing with swine flu.

The third, and least likely scenario is a rationale, non-political, program that mitigates the damage to the fullest extent possible.

It is this knot that fascinates me most about the flu.


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