Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March 29 Flu Update

WHO Update 12 summarizes situation in Vietnam and Cambodia.

CIDRAP weighs in on the WHO report.

Oregon crafting bird flu response--as part of change, Oregon University Ducks will change their nickname to the Terrible Tamiflu.

Cambodia reports second human case of bird flu.

Add three neighbors to the Haiphong Five. Recombinomics discusses what we know and don't know.

Recombinomics on what surely LOOKS like efficient transportation.

South Korea newsapaper editorializes for North Korea to tell the truth on bird flu.

China shows willingness to step in and assist with bird flu in North Korea.

Add three neighbors to the Haiphong Five. Recombinomics discusses what we know and don't know.

A Canadian scientist has an interesting perspective...says the real challenge isn't the number who will die, but how the sick will be cared for...decries the escalating doom projections.

More from Canada, as it plays out the scenario.

ProMed on the hope of cooperation on the Korean peninsula.

ProMed on the WHO Haiphong Five report.

Indonesian Quail dying of bird flu.

Effect Measure with its normal very strong analysis of what is going on. A couple key quotes:

What is clear is that H5N1 infection is entrenched in local poultry, has not been eliminated and continues to be transmitted to humans. Whether this witch's brew is simmering or starting to boil over is not obvious. One could defensibly see it either way. But it is indefensible to act as if it is not boiling over. The costs of an error are too great. But that is what we continue to do.

Read the last three sentences again. You can sum up today's situation in those 29 words.

These are pretty good, too--on North Korea.

This is just one more example of the complex interaction between politics, social conditions and the natural environment. Fortunately most of the time the stars don't line up just right. But sometimes they do.


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A bird flu in Mexico?



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