Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Sunday Flu Update

First, I want to re-recommend these two articles to you...on the ground, and very dramatic and solid overviews of what is going on.

London Observer with well-written first a in series of two story on the bird flu.

Reader Bill+ pointed us here. London Observer with well-written second a in series of two story on the bird flu.

Here is your quoe of the day...

If H5N1 was like SARS then at least 10 of my staff ought to be dead by now. They're not ... That isn't to say that the disease isn't dangerous. It is ... But the main reason we are continuing to see so many deaths is the delay in referring people to hospital."

Jeremy Farrar, director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Institute at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Hanoi

Second, this from N. Korea, where they
stunned the world by admitting to bird flu in their nation.

The Herald Sun from Australia analyzes this development,noting that North Korea has long been feared as the worst possible place for a pandemic to start. Note, the flu meets politics again!

Recombinomics on the flu and N. Korea.

ProMed on the N. Korea situation.

Here is the (Toledo) Blade's Micheal Woods on flu being the next bad thing....or not. Cites the swine flu precedent as why the scientific community cannot afford to be wrong again.

They're talking mass quarantine in Britain again.

Effect Measure reviews a US News and World report article on the flu. Excellent point among many here is that while we decry lack of media attention, stories like this still don't outshout Terry Schiavo.

Here's the direct link to the first article.

US News and World report on the vaccine...noting correctly that not only do you have to get the genetics right, but you also have to produce it.


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