Saturday, March 26, 2005

March 25 Good Friday Flu Update

Vietnam and Cambodia both confirm flu deaths.

Recombinomics on whether a family cluster of five signals pandemic.

CIDRAP notes that one of these cases had no known exposure to infected poultry.

Two more suspected Quang Binh cases.

CIDRAP here on good vaccine news. We have reported earlier here that a journal article said that experiments with mice showed that a non-exact match could still help against bird flu. This study also cites a study with ducks. Could this be a luck break for humanity?

Not likely, says the New Scientist. Little immunizing effect is expected from the style of vaccine being tested, based on an expert from Chiron. Alum could be added. Production difficulties are also cited.

Reader Bill+ pointed us here. London Observer with well-written first a in series of two story on the bird flu.

Bird Flu rages in Indonesia...Recombinomics.

ProMed on developments in Vietnam and Cambodia. Note claims that the virus doesn't pass easily between bird and human.

ProMed on the Cambodian death.


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